A Guide To Teaching with Technology


  • To determine the goals and formulate the objectives in behavioral terms.
  • To analyze the characteristics of the learner.
  • To organize the content in logical or psychological sequences.
  • To evaluate the learners’ performances in terms of achieving educational objectives.
  • To provide the feedback among other components for the modification of learners.

The First Steps

  • Students and teachers may exchange papers online, update them in real time, and show them on a screen using online collaboration technologies. This provides students with a collaborative platform for brainstorming ideas and documenting their work with text and photographs.
  • To supplement written and spoken lecture content, instructors can use presentation software to insert high-resolution photos, diagrams, videos, and sound files.
  • Students and teachers may interact using text, drawings, and diagrams by connecting tablets to computers, projectors, and the cloud.
  • Instructors can use course management software to organize all of the resources students need for a class (for example, syllabi, assignments, readings, and online quizzes), give useful grading tools, and establish areas for discussion, document sharing, and video and audio commentary.
  • Students may be polled quickly and easily using clickers and cellphones in class. This is useful for rapid polling, which may help teachers modify speed and topic by swiftly assessing students’ knowledge.
  • Instructors can use lecture-capture software to record lectures straight from their computer, eliminating the need for expensive or extra classroom equipment. Consider recording your lectures as you deliver them and then posting them online for students to view. According to studies, publishing recorded lectures does not reduce attendance, and students appreciate the ability to revisit lectures at their leisure.





Connecting Educators and Learners

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The Five Minute Series - by ezygo.app

The Five Minute Series - by ezygo.app

Connecting Educators and Learners

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