9 Ways Technology Will Impact Education in 2022

In spite of the hurdles, the epidemic has hastened digital technology adaptation. Our professional and private lives are deeply ingrained into digital worlds.

Even before the COVID19 epidemic, virtual learning has experienced tremendous development as a technological innovation support. The introduction of online course provider platforms like EdX and Coursera in Western countries has brought the notion of remote learning closer to learners worldwide.

The NEP is predicted to be given more focus in 2022, which will provide further impetus to vocational education by providing vocational courses and training at the school level.

Some of the trends that can be seen are:

  • Skill development was one of the most popular sub-sectors for investors in Indian ed-tech start-ups from 2014 to 2019, and it is becoming more important currently. Employers are also leaning toward recruiting for specialist talents, especially as the gig economy steadily takes hold in India, with the potential to generate up to 90 million jobs. Upskilling via micro and alternate credentials has witnessed a significant increase to match employer expectations, with some organisations offering boot camps and micro-credentials and will continue to do so in the future year.

These trends and figures reveal that education and technology are merging far faster than expected, with the pandemic merely hastening the process. To prevent falling behind, school districts should aim to enhance their use of digital technologies. Both students and instructors are eager to participate in these more engaging educational experiences. The use of technology in the classroom makes it more engaging and individualised.

Obviously, technology cannot replace traditional learning methods entirely. It is envisaged that a hybrid model of two types of education would be developed into blended learning. As a result, future education would emphasise providing a technologically rich environment while retaining all of the benefits of a strong interaction between students and professors. Whatever technological advancements are made, they will never be able to replace the human aspect in the education business.

About the Author: Pooja Bhatia

Pooja is a teacher working for NGOs and a student pursuing management studies. Her interests include education, women empowerment, music and drama. A winner of various B-school competitions including IIM and BITS, Pooja is also a great content strategist. She has article published in the Times of India.

This article was first published in blog.ezygo.app



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