6 Ways To Take Your Institute To The Top In NIRF Ranking

NIRF rankings may not be compulsory for all educational institutes, yet it is well understood by colleges and universities that a good ranking will help them a great deal in making their institution a success. The ranking assists institutions in reflecting, analyzing, and improving. It only demonstrates how an institution has been performing, how it has performed in the past, and how it compares to its peers in the same category.

If you want your institution to reach the top in NIRF Ranking, here are a few key points that you should keep in mind and adhere to:

1. Nurture faculty research output
A great suggestion is to include your scholars and academics in research disciplines such as Material Science and Engineering, BioX, Design, and Fabrication, Condensate Matter Physics, AI, and other domains so that they can mature quickly. Concentrate on enhancing the research quality, accessibility, and citability of your faculty’s contributions. Back it up with intellectual property rights, patents, projects, professional practice, and executive development programmes that optimise the effect of institutional research holistically.

2. Fix the author and organization name disambiguation
Along with the benefit of the growing number of institutional digital libraries and research publications comes the warning that citations should be collected in a well-defined, up-to-date manner to avoid the “name ambiguity problem.” The problem is most common when there are multiple authors with the same name. The disambiguation of organisation names is the same. The key to resolving this problem is to provide accurate information in accordance with the NIRF RPC parameter. A high-end faculty management software will run an algorithm to disambiguate authors in citations based on their individual qualities on the Web, which may increase the accuracy of the material to a greater extent.

3. Creating an institutional repository with open access for various stakeholders
Subscriptions are required for the majority of publications, which restricts user access and viewing. The very act of making materials available and citable improves the image and reputation of institutions. This raises the institution’s standing while simultaneously increasing student enrollment. Try employing innovative approaches as a higher education institution to gain a citation edge for publications and papers. Choose Open Access repositories that do not infringe on the publisher’s copyright, and obtain fast free access to paywalled articles and databases, improving the NIRF RPC (Research, Professional Practice & Collaborative Performance) parameter

4. Improve teaching, learning practices — focus on curriculum
The NIRF examines every notable achievement of the institute’s work and projects. Effective planning serves as a road map to effective instruction. Improving teaching-learning techniques may be accomplished in a variety of ways, but the most fundamental is to develop an overview of the curriculum to be covered together with a list of intended goals. Keep the industry criteria in mind while creating a programme. Concentrate on curriculum mapping to results. A curriculum management application like Ezygo.app will be a tremendous asset in this situation.

5. Implement outcome-based education
Nowadays, education is outcome-oriented. The pressure has increased since India became a signatory to the Washington Accords. With the NIRF 2021, universities are finding out how to increase the Graduation Outcomes (GO) score, which would certainly boost careers and placements holistically. As a result, aim to adhere to an Outcome-Based Model of Education by defining Course Outcomes (COs), Program Outcomes (POs), and tracking student successes throughout academic years, which will aid in assessing the quality and measuring standards of your programmes. Lesson planning, CO-PO mapping, attendance mapping to topics and COs and question level mapping of assessments and assignments to COs and Blooms Taxonomy can be easily achieved by using Ezygo.app Academic Management Application.

6. Manage Perception
This parameter demonstrates that a significant influence on the institution’s NIRF Ranking can still occur without the institution needing to publish more papers, focus on infrastructure, attract new professors, or even improve faculty to student ratio. Aside from the factors outlined above, the way your institution is viewed by diverse stakeholders might have a significant impact on your rating. The NIRF ranking technique gives perception a significant 10 point weightage, which might be crucial in deciding your overall rank. If you follow the suggestions, you can enhance your Perception score. Creating a communications department. Use communication methods such as snail mail, social media, print, television, and media that are within the institution’s budget. Create a digital presence by having an updated website, a strong social media platform, and a larger number of followers. Increasing your advocacy efforts to change perception can help. Use communication methods that are within the institution’s budget, such as snail mail, social media, print, TV, and media for the same. Have an updated website, a robust social media platform, and a larger number of followers to establish a digital presence. Strengthening your campaigning efforts to change perceptions will help you gain more admissions while also improving your rankings and increasing loyalty.

About the Author: Nishtha Gupta

Nishtha Gupta is a student of English Literature at Jamia Millia Islamia and currently based in New Delhi. She is extremely passionate about writing on technological advancements in the field of education. She also writes poetry and fiction. Nishtha has an e-book published with Amazon’s Kindle. Her other interests include music, reading and dancing. She wishes to pursue her career in the field of publishing.

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